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Human finger touching digital brain interface.

Chat GPT vs. Translation Agencies

Translation agencies offer human expertise, accuracy and cultural adaptability, while Chat GPT offers fast translation and the ability to handle large volumes of content. But, what if, rather than seeing them as competitors, we saw them as complementary strategies in the service of high-quality professional translations?

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Woman working on computer in office setting.

5 Golden Rules for a Successful Remote Meeting

The COVID-19 crisis has turned everything upside down, but there’s no way you can let it get you down and make you lose touch with your employees, coworkers and clients! If this pandemic has taught us anything, it’s that the human race can be incredibly resilient in the face of overwhelming challenges.

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Multilingual signposts against a blue sky.

Top 10 Most Difficult Languages to Learn

It’s official: UNESCO has ranked languages according to how difficult they are to master. This is an opportunity to put together a top 10 list of the most difficult languages, whose obscure grammar rules baffle the rest of the world…

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International flags waving against blue sky.

Can translation tools replace translation agencies?

In the age of automation, robots and artificial intelligence, it’s worth asking whether you need to call on the services of a translation agency to translate your conferences, meetings or technical documents, as machine translation applications multiply. But while they can be very useful for ordering in a restaurant when traveling abroad, are they sufficiently effective in a professional context?

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