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Technical and State-of-the-Art Industrial Simultaneous Interpreting

Alltradis is proud to provide you with qualified conference interpreters specializing in the most cutting-edge technical fields!

Conference interpreting is a demanding profession, requiring a long university education. To master their craft, interpreters must spend thousands of hours taking part in conferences, congresses and business meetings.

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Five-star rating with company name Alltradis.

Technical Simultaneous Interpretation:
Alltradis is with you, every step of the way

Our interpreters don’t just show up at your events (or log on when they’re held online). Before each project, they brush up on all the technical vocabulary they’ll need and analyze the issues at stake in the discussion they’ll have to translate. This preparation stage is absolutely crucial. It enables them to confidently interpret:

  • Your discussions prior to signing an international treaty
  • Your scientific reports
  • Your business negotiations

Interpreters who are experts in your field

Most of the time, our interpreters draw on cross-disciplinary knowledge and expertise. They are all specialists in a particular field, so they have a thorough grasp of the subtleties associated with the specific topics involved. What’s more, interpreters are prepared for any potential subjects that may arise during the conference. That’s how Alltradis Translation and Interpreting has been able to contribute to the success of numerous conferences in cutting-edge sectors:




Sustainable Development


New Technologies

Building and Public Works

Food Industry

Interpreting Technical Conferences

Technical simultaneous interpreting is a highly complex and delicate exercise that requires intense concentration. Reading between the lines or translating a linguistic gimmick or play on words in the moment requires great skill and extensive subject knowledge. Interpreters must be able to think on their feet, remain calm under pressure and have boundless general knowledge. They must be ready to tackle any subject and translate for whomever is speaking, at any given moment…

The technical industry, in the context of the simultaneous interpreting services that we offer, is the most complex field there is.


Interpreters need more than just excellent fluency in two or more languages: before each conference, they must review or acquire the technical vocabulary involved and understand the issues at stake in the debate they will be translating. This preparation is absolutely crucial!

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