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Legal Translation

At Alltradis, we are invested in your success and committed to honoring your businesses’ trust by representing your interests. We have a professional responsibility to guarantee high-quality translations of all your legal documents.

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Legal translation: a demanding specialty

Translating legal documents requires highly specialized expertise in the various legal systems. Only experienced translators can grasp the subtleties of this technical field. Moreover, it is still often necessary to do a great deal of research to ensure a quality translation. Alltradis provides companies with experienced translators who are experts in their legal field: international criminal law, labor law, corporate law, commercial law.


Official Reports

Pleas / Appeals

Court Rulings


Alltradis: Experts in Legal Translation

Our 70 translators and interpreters are all highly trained in specific fields. These include translators specializing in labor law, corporate law, international criminal law and commercial law. We also have teams of legal experts who proofread and assist throughout the quality process. And for your sworn translations, our translators are registered with an Appeals Court and are guarantors of the quality and compliance of the legal translations assigned to them with all applicable codes and laws, both in France and internationally.

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