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Finance Simultaneous Interpreting

Is your company expanding into the international market and holding strategic marketing seminars?

Is your company growing rapidly and looking for reliable and experienced conference interpreters for all future exchanges with your international counterparts?

What our clients say about us
Five-star rating with company name Alltradis.

Simultaneous Interpreting for Finance, Marketing, Legal,
Communications and HR Conferences: Hire a Specialist

Alltradis collaborates with many leading companies in the banking and financial sectors at shareholder meetings, negotiations, round table discussions, business meetings, keynote presentations and annual conferences.

Our work is always conducted under the strictest confidentiality, and often involves very technical and sensitive subjects.

We consider it of the utmost importance that all members of our team be irreproachable.

Our technical team signs a confidentiality agreement, thus guaranteeing that whatever is discussed during these events will never be divulged without your prior consent.

We interpret at legal and HR conferences and meetings for leading companies in the finance, communications and marketing sectors.

Our team also offers simultaneous interpreting services in the marketing, legal and HR sectors, for example in supporting companies during international product launches, press conferences, audits, inspections, negotiations or shareholder meetings.

When you trust Alltradis with your business, not only do you benefit from simultaneous interpreting but you also get comprehensive support from our interpreting team including the organization of the technical aspects (translation booths, headsets, microphones, etc.) of your event. In regards to the organization and realization of your event, our team will put your mind at ease and win your trust. You will be assigned a single contact person to optimize our interactions and your company will benefit from our flawless record and 20 years of experience.

Professional interpreting for your biggest events

Our clients include banks, private equity companies, brokerage firms, CAC40 companies, government organizations and leading companies in the fields of construction and public works, pharmaceuticals, insurance, airline catering, certification and communications.

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