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Woman editing video with subtitles on computer.
Woman working with subtitles on computer screen.

Subtitling and Voiceover

Why trust Alltradis with your subtitling?

Our teams are both translators and conference interpreters. This advantage makes a world of difference when it comes to quality and the finished product, and unfortunately, automatic subtitling software is far from being universally accepted.

At Alltradis, we are involved at every stage of the subtitling process:

  • Transcription / time coding: transcribing the video into writing and marking all the entry and exit points of the dialogue (called time codes)
  • Translation: the transcribed texts are translated into the desired languages.
  • Synchronization / embedding: adapting and synchronizing the translation to the dialogue. Several very strict criteria must be respected in terms of the number of characters per line and per second for subtitles to be readable.


Voiceover consists of superimposing the translated version of a video’s dialogue over the original voice(s). The original voice is left in the background, typically at 10%: this avoids having to synchronize lip movement and makes it possible to use either a male or a female voice, regardless of the speaker on screen. Voiceovers can be done live by a conference interpreter and then edited in post-production, or written, recorded and compiled later depending on the type of video, your needs and your budget.

At Alltradis, we are available to discuss your needs and find the most appropriate solution together.

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