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Model walking on runway at fashion show.
Fashion show runway with model and audience

Cosmetics, Luxury Goods & Fashion Simultaneous Interpreting

Our conference interpreters have played a key role in the international launches of hundreds of products on the cosmetics, luxury goods and fashion markets that have become absolute essentials.

Our added value is undoubtedly rooted in our involvement in the creation of product identities in their target language. Most of the time, we actually work with marketing departments and subsidiaries on the written translations and strategic choices to be made in terms of terminology for these very same products!

What our clients say about us
Five-star rating with company name Alltradis.

Cosmetic, Luxury Goods and Fashion
Conference Interpreting: Hire an Expert

We are professional “field” translators: informed, engaged, well read and always up-to-date on the latest trends or new beauty product ranges; we are ready to translate at all times. In order to optimize the simultaneous or consecutive translation of your event with Alltradis, our team places great importance on being thoroughly prepared. We are attuned to your linguistic preferences.

We interpret conferences for the biggest luxury brands

Before each product launch (beauty, jewelry, fashion, etc.), training session or marketing meeting, we do as much research as possible, carefully reading online product materials or the information provided by our clients, to familiarize ourselves with the DNA of a brand, range or beauty product.

Whenever possible, we make time to meet with our clients and their speakers before the meeting, so that we can be briefed on any special requirements, if necessary.

Confidentiality is of the utmost importance for our team. We are often entrusted with our clients’ confidential information for product launches. Being a conference interpreter requires many skills, not the least of which is the ability to be attentive and present, all while remaining discreet. It also demands a curious mind, someone who is not afraid to ask questions, and who is willing to read and analyze as much information beforehand as possible

When our interpreters are mistaken for company employees, we can safely assume that a conference was successful. We have never let on that we are external service providers, thanks to our in-depth knowledge of the customer and the product.

The bulk of the work we do is in the cosmetics, luxury goods and fashion sectors. These three markets are centered around the life of products with strong identities and added value in terms of creativity, style, research and design.

Professional interpreting for your biggest events

We provide simultaneous interpreting services for product roadshows, new designer collection debuts and runway shows, training sessions, press conferences, product launches in various languages (ex. English, French, Japanese, Korean, etc.), and also provide support during site or production facility visits (with journalists, dermatologists and pharmacists for the dermo-cosmetics sector), subsidiary seminars, annual conventions (retail, distribution networks) and showroom presentations, etc.

With you every step of the way

We support our clients with their new collections from the development stage right through to presentation and launch.

Every week, we translate for work meetings between employees from different countries to support them as they set up new productions.

Our translators therefore play a key role in ensuring smooth communication between the various international teams.

In tune with the industry

Alltradis is well aware of the rigor required in the cosmetics industry, and is ready to support your project every step of the way.

That’s why we will only ever provide you with teams of translators specialized in and familiar with your field. 

Actually, we have recently had the immense honor of handling the interpreting during a showroom presentation of a new collection for a prestigious brand in Paris.

The spirit of your brand elegantly and naturally conveyed in a foreign language

We accompany our clients from room to room, every step of the way:

We translate press conferences and collection presentations, always keeping a low profile and adapting to the situation.

Finally, we also support your guests at your company’s sites. To help them understand the scope of your service, we translate each and every moment (site visit, sensory experience) through the various activities offered by your brand. Our aim is to bring the spirit of your brand to life for your international guests in their native languages

We are even there for your business lunches and dinners. Alltradis makes a point of being there, because we know that it’s in moments like these that the biggest deals can be struck. 


The inspection of a production line is a systematic evaluation process designed to ensure that all stages of product manufacture comply with current quality, safety and regulatory standards.

Inspection is crucial to guaranteeing consumer safety and maintaining product production. It helps to detect manufacturing defects, ensure compliance with regulatory standards and prevent health and safety risks.

Inspectors examine a number of aspects, including facility cleanliness, compliance with Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP), proper labeling, raw material traceability, quality control processes and regulatory documentation.

Inspections are generally carried out by government regulators or companies specializing in regulatory compliance.

The frequency of inspections may vary depending on the regulations in force in your country, your company’s internal policies and the risks associated with production. In general, inspections are carried out regularly, often several times a year.

In the event of discrepencies or non-compliance, corrective action must be taken immediately to remedy the problems identified. This may involve adapting production processes, training personnel or modifying facilities. Regulatory fines or sanctions may also be applied in certain cases.

To ensure a successful inspection, it is essential to maintain high standards of compliance throughout the production process. This involves the proper training of personnel, rigorous controls, accurate and up-to-date documentation, and continuous monitoring of manufacturing practices. It can also be helpful to work closely with regulatory and quality assurance experts.

Interpreters can be useful during a cosmetics production line inspection for several reasons:

Language Barrier

On production lines, there may be a multitude of workers from different parts of the world. If inspectors and workers don’t speak the same language, this can lead to misunderstandings and compromise the inspection. A simultaneous interpreter can facilitate communication between inspectors and local personnel.

Accuracy of Instructions

During an inspection, it is vital that instructions and requirements be clearly communicated to employees to ensure compliance with quality and safety standards. Translators ensure that instructions are correctly understood and complied with.

Technical and Professional Interpreting

Some discussions during an inspection may involve industry-specific technical terms. A professional interpreter specializing in this field can ensure the accurate translation of these terms, thus avoiding miscommunication.

Culture and Context

A professional interpreter can help clarify cultural or contextual aspects that may influence production or the inspection. An understanding of local cultural norms can be vital for effective cooperation between inspectors and production line personnel.

A professional translator is indispensable when inspecting a production line, as he or she ensures clear and precise communication between the parties involved, thus helping to maintain standards.

Alltradis specializes in interpreting for the cosmetics, luxury goods and fashion industries, as well as for the medical, pharmaceutical, scientific, aerospace, state-of-the-art tech industries, legal, finance, HR, marketing and other sectors. Our interpreters have in-depth knowledge of these fields and the specific terminology associated with them.

Our interpreting service provides you with professional interpreters for your conferences, meetings, events and other occasions. We also provide highly qualified technicians to assist you with all the technical aspects of conference interpreting.

Our agency offers multilingual translation and interpreting services in several foreign languages, including French, English, Spanish, German, Italian, Chinese, Japanese, Russian and many others.

There are several routes to becoming an interpreter. All our interpreters trained in translation and interpreting at translation schools, and then gained experience as junior interpreters for 5 years to specialize in a particular field.

An interpreter translates from one language to another orally, while a translator translates written texts.

Simultaneous interpreting is one of several interpreting techniques in which the interpreter translates the speaker’s speech into his or her mother tongue in real time, using headsets and a microphone.

A good interpreter must be multilingual, have an excellent command of both source and target languages, be able to convey the meaning of the message accurately and fluently, and have a good knowledge of the field in which he or she is working.

Interpreters are used to facilitate communication between people who speak different languages. Here are a few examples from the cosmetics, luxury goods and fashion sectors:

Launch of a new cosmetic product in China

Interpreters are on hand to translate the product presentation into Mandarin and English.

Fashion show in Paris

Interpreters translate the designers’ comments for VIP guests.

Negotiation of a distribution contract between a French luxury brand and an Italian distributor

Interpreters translate discussions between the parties involved.

Training of sales teams for a European cosmetics brand

Simultaneous interpreters translate training modules into several languages.

Interview with a fashion designer for an international magazine

An interpreter is on hand to translate questions and answers.